Working from home is not complicated. Most of us do so now and again. Accessing an internet connection is easy enough, and cloud office suites and SaaS applications make it seamless to transition from working at the office to doing so on the couch in your living room. But most organizations will not have supported so many employees working remotely and employees may need a reminder of best practices when working from home.


Contact the experts at Chester Inc. Information Technologies for a consultation on remote working solutions and determine the best fit for your business including the following:


·       Secure remote access solutions 


·       Firewall security and installation 


·       Back up and disaster recovery


·       Secure and reliable internet access across your private network


·       Educating employees on how to safely access information


Now is the time to review and enhance security around remote access to corporate data, at both ends of the connection.




The Silicon Root of Trust satisfies organizations’ need for a robust security foundation that permits only trusted firmware to be loaded onto the server, and that can rapidly mitigate the impact of firmware attacks. It is able to recover itself from attacks by malicious code to a known and secure state, with trusted firmware, and without manual intervention.


HPE has been recognized for their ability to reduce risk by insurers in the Cyber Catalyst program created by Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. Cyber Catalyst is Marsh’s new cybersecurity evaluation program that enables customers that adopt designated technologies to be considered for enhanced terms and conditions on cyber insurance policies from participating insurers.


Contact the experts at Chester Inc. Information Technologies for a consultation on remote working solutions and determine the best fit for your business.

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    The cornerstones of remote access security will help organizations better protect their data and networks against threats and interception. Chester IT is here to assist.

    1. Re-educate your teams on how to safely access information while working remotely. Consider deploying multi-factor authentication.

    2. Think ahead about how to handle threats posed by data leakage or attacks. Ensure your overall security is sufficient.

    3. Stress test your infrastructure. Incorporating VPN or SDP is critical to deploying secure remote access tools. Make sure it can handle a large volume of traffic as your workforce shifts to working from home.

    4. Identify and label your sensitive data and make sure only the appropriate people can access it.

    5. Make no assumptions about previous data management. No one wants to accidentally provide the entire organization with access to HR.

    6. Audit your current policies relating to access and sharing of different types of data. Re-evaluate your current segmentation of teams within your organization so that you can rest assured that you have different levels of access that correlate to the various levels of data sensitivity.

    1. Review and strengthen the passwords you use to logon to remote resources, such as email or work applications.

    2. Be wary of clicking on suspicious links and only download content from reliable sources that can be verified.

    3. Choose your device carefully. If you use a personal computer, talk to your IT team about how to strengthen security by adding a strong anti-virus or security package to it.

    4. Make sure your home wifi network has a strong password and is protected against anyone from being able to access it.


    The exceptional circumstances we face today have threatened businesses in every industry, interrupting critical daily business requirements. Businesses are looking to rapidly unleash mobile productivity using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Chester Inc. and HPE are committed to prioritizing the delivery of the world’s most secure platform to meet these critical demands.