Ransomware Self Defense: 3 Strategies Your Business Needs Now

Ransomware Self Defense: 3 Strategies Your Business

In 2015, the number of ransomware attacks surpassed 5 million and a single infection caused more than $325 million worth of damage. As the threat evolves, ransomware continues to be a top threat for your data. Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to files or threatens to permanently destroy your data until you pay ransom. The following are three strategies your business can take to address ransomware.

  1. Understand Ransomware Risks
    1. Your business can be impacted in many devastating ways. Losing sensitive or proprietary data can disrupt business operations, decrease productivity and result in revenue losses. Your business can incur high costs to restore data and potentially damage reputation.
  2. Understand How and Why Ransomware Works
    1. You can be infected with one wrong click in an email attachment or link. Ransomware is commonly propagated through convincing spam emails with enticing subject lines. The attack encrypts on all local files, then attacks network folders. The damage is done before you take notice.
  3. Data Protection Options and Finding a Skilled Service Provider
    1. Some of the best practices to protect your data include investing in disaster recovery, keeping an offsite backup and keeping security technology updated. Ultimately, the best protection is prevention.

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