The Two Cornerstones of Running a Safe and Successful Business

data protection and backup

The old adage is true — in order to make money, you do have to spend money. But money spent should be money well spent, and for business owners, protection, security, and investment should be the driving force behind every expenditure. And, in our increasingly digital age, many of these investments tend to be virtual. Without a doubt, the two most important digital products a company should invest in are data protection and backups. Read on to find out why.

Data Protection
To many companies, their most important asset is information. The information in question could be a business plan, a blueprint, a list of client names and contacts, or a projection. When that information is threatened, a company is completely risking its future. When client names and personal information are put at risk, you lose the trust of your customers. When information about building plans or patents are stolen, you risk losing an innovative edge — and a large monetary loss. Indeed, data breaks cost America’s hospital’s $6 billion every year alone. At the least, when you lose information to hackers, computer viruses, or Internet scams, you lose what could amount to years of work. That is why it is so vital that you contact data protection services or specialized IT services to make absolutely sure that you won’t have this problem.

Sometimes, it’s not an insidious outside force that threatens a company’s information, but rather bad luck and unfortunate circumstances. The fact is that storms, floods, and mistakes do happen — but if they do, the last thing you should really be worrying about is whether or not your data is safe. Gone are the days when a structure fire could take with it every record of a transaction from a manual filing system. Your data should be backed up and be able to be easily recovered if the situation ever arises.

Data protection and backup are without a doubt the two most important managed IT services and IT solutions every company should invest it. The data and information that your company creates and maintains are the building blocks of your company — and your biggest assets.