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Commercial Construction

Wed Oct 19 | Construction News

  Northwest Indiana’s Most Experienced Commercial Construction Firm   Experience truly matters when searching for commercial construction companies in Northern Indiana and South Chicago. Chester, Inc has provided our customers with the highest quality design and build construction for over 75 years! We offer a full-service, one-stop shop for all your commercial construction design and […]

Microsoft Azure Cloud vs Google Cloud Platform

Wed Sep 21 | IT News

The migration of businesses to cloud computing continues at an astonishing rate. Companies are increasingly looking for the benefits cloud technologies offer beyond on-premises deployments. This trend accelerates cloud service providers offerings and improvements in cost savings, scalability, security, and business continuity. Cloud computing has evolved into a sprawling ecosystem of suppliers, technology, products, and […]

Northern Indiana’s Premier Agricultural Systems Solutions Dealer

Wed Nov 2 | Agricultural News

Chester Ag Systems focuses on agriculture irrigation and grain handling solutions. We are Northern Indiana’s premier agriculture system for modern agriculture solutions. Founders Orville Redenbacher and Charlie Bowman understood back in the 1950’s that technology and innovations led to a higher yield. Today Chester Ag Systems services over 1,500 irrigation systems and roughly the same […]

75 and Counting – Chester, Inc. Marks 75th Anniversary

Thu Jun 16 | Corporate News

Any company’s ability to survive the test of time over multiple decades should stand out as a true testament to their adaptability and resilience. The average lifespan for many leading companies is roughly 20 to 21 years. For small businesses, it’s much lower with about half closing in their first five years. That’s what makes […]

About Us

Orville Redenbacher and Charles Bowman established Chester Incorporated in 1947, after purchasing the George F. Chester & Sons Seed company. For over 70 years, Chester Inc. has been redefining Architecture, Construction, Technology, and Agriculture. At Chester Inc. we believe that success is measured not only by growth, recognition and the services we offer, but by the persistence of every Chester employee to satisfy and partner with our customers and to serve the communities we work and live in.

Chester Inc. is northern Indiana’s exclusive Architectural & Construction, Information Technologies and Agricultural Systems firm that can conceptually design, build and finance with our Architectural and Construction services division, extend your reach by integrating all your technology with our Information Technology (IT) services division, and deliver irrigation and grain handling solutions with our Agricultural Systems division providing you a one-stop seamless turnkey solution!