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Building Dilemma: Expand or Build New

Wed Jun 29 | Construction News

Building Dilemma: Expand or Build New Building a business has always been complex, exciting, and nerve-wracking. However, when sales are strong, and your business is making it rain, we believe business owners are faced with two essential options: building new or expanding. Either way, Chester Inc’s flexible offerings in areas such as industrial construction provide […]

What is a Hybrid Cloud

Fri Jun 10 | IT News

Hybrid Cloud Computing Keeps Productivity High and Data Loss at a Minimum Contact Chester Inc. Information Technologies for a more in-depth conversation on hybrid cloud computing. Companies today require greater flexibility than dedicated servers, but they also need the protection and peacefulness that private computing offers. This is where commercial hybrid cloud computing comes into […]

Chester, Inc. Celebrates 75 Years

Fri Mar 11 | Agricultural News

Chester, Inc. Celebrates 75 Years of Quality Turnkey Solutions in Information Technology, Architectural and Construction and Ag Systems in 2022 This year, Chester Inc. celebrates 75 meaningful, exciting, and genuinely innovative years. Orville Redenbacher and Charles Bowman founded Chester Incorporated in 1947. They established the business after acquiring Chester & Sons Seed Company this year. […]

75 and Counting – Chester, Inc. Marks 75th Anniversary

Thu Jun 16 | Corporate News

Any company’s ability to survive the test of time over multiple decades should stand out as a true testament to their adaptability and resilience. The average lifespan for many leading companies is roughly 20 to 21 years. For small businesses, it’s much lower with about half closing in their first five years. That’s what makes […]

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Orville Redenbacher and Charles Bowman established Chester Incorporated in 1947, after purchasing the George F. Chester & Sons Seed company. For over 70 years, Chester Inc. has been redefining Architecture, Construction, Technology, and Agriculture. At Chester Inc. we believe that success is measured not only by growth, recognition and the services we offer, but by the persistence of every Chester employee to satisfy and partner with our customers and to serve the communities we work and live in.

Chester Inc. is northern Indiana’s exclusive Architectural & Construction, Information Technologies and Agricultural Systems firm that can conceptually design, build and finance with our Architectural and Construction services division, extend your reach by integrating all your technology with our Information Technology (IT) services division, and deliver irrigation and grain handling solutions with our Agricultural Systems division providing you a one-stop seamless turnkey solution!