Chester Inc. Celebrates 75 Years

Ag Systems

Chester Ag Systems

Chester Inc. Celebrates 75 Years of Quality Turnkey Solutions in Information Technology, Architectural and Construction and Ag Systems in 2022

This year, Chester Inc. celebrates 75 meaningful, exciting, and genuinely innovative years.

Orville Redenbacher and Charles Bowman founded Chester Incorporated in 1947. They established the business after acquiring Chester & Sons Seed Company this year.

Chester Inc. is an exclusive Agricultural, Information Technology, and Architectural & Construction firm in northern Indiana. We can help conceptualize, design, finance, and build modern projects for various industries.

Additionally, Chester Inc.’s Information Technology (IT) division can readily extend your company’s reach by providing a secure and integrated technological suite. In contrast, our Ag Systems division specializes in delivering modern grain handling and irrigation systems. Chester Inc. is best known for providing a one-stop, seamless turnkey solution for all your needs.

Agricultural Systems

The technology evolution and conservation of the agricultural industry in the 1950s saw Chester, Inc. adapt and grow alongside the development. They used their observations to form the core ideals that formed the foundation of Chester Inc.’s Ag Systems divisions’ wide range of quality services.

Clients can find Chester Inc.’s Ag Systems division in North Judson, IN. We remain the complete dealer of complete agricultural services, from grain handling systems to irrigation systems. Near the tail end of the twentieth century, the agricultural sector’s needs changed as the population grew and the demand for food also increased.

Modern agriculture began to grow during this time rapidly, and Chester Inc. was there to evolve and adapt just as quickly as the world did. As the industry modernized, so did the farmers. They needed better grain storage technologies and irrigation systems, too. The farmers had to change alongside the burden of providing a stable food supply to a growing US population.

Our Ag Systems division goes to incredible lengths to ensure that our customers get what they need to maintain their farming business higher efficiency and convenience. Chester Inc.’s Ag System division team is here to offer the helping hand of modern technology.

As a reseller of Valley Irrigation, we can guarantee that your irrigation equipment will be the most ideal. Chester Inc. has also partnered with Brock Grain Systems to provide complete grain bin storage and grain handling turnkey solutions. Today, our Ag System division serves 1,500 irrigation systems, and our grain storage and grain drying units match these irrigation systems in number. Chester Inc. takes pride in our experience and expertise, and we exert the same amount of competent effort for every agricultural business, no matter how big or small it is.

Architectural & Construction Services

You can find Chester’s architectural and construction services in Valparaiso, Indiana. Chester Inc. is a full-service commercial and industrial construction firm that utilizes a design-build-finance model to provide clients with more efficient and cohesive construction solutions for every possible need.

Chester, Inc. serves in Northwest Indiana, Northern Indiana, and South Suburban Chicagoland.

Since the inception of Chester’s Architectural & Construction Services division, we have provided clients with countless resources to meet their business goals and desires. We take pride in maximizing work and effort to compress construction schedules. We owe our efficiency to an incredible eye for detail, and our highly competent and experienced project managers will align projects with precision. They will ensure that your projects will stay within your desired budget while maintaining the quality of the design-build process.

Clients will not be able to find similar commercial/industrial construction companies with the same long track record (nearly a century) of incredible client satisfaction with projects that we complete using the highest standards.

Information Technologies

Since 1979 Chester Inc.’s Information Technologies division has been analyzing, designing, and implementing robust and secure IT environments for businesses of any scale. We offer the most secure and comprehensive suite of IT services while offering ongoing support. Chester Inc. has provided the best IT services and solutions to South Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, and Valparaiso for over 40 years this 2022.

We understand the growing needs of companies alongside the Internet of Things era. The technological landscape waits for no one. Having a suitable technical suite will make your business more competitive. Your business will reap serious benefits in the end, including better business growth, enhanced lead generation, a wider net of reach for new clients, and secure data for the long term.

Chester Inc. can help you affordably attain your goals in technological improvement through our long years of expertise and best-in-class IT services. Let Chester Inc. put your business on the fast track to face the challenges of today’s business environment.

We believe that Northern Indiana businesses don’t deserve a cookie-cutter approach for IT solutions. Several areas of your IT system may not be operating at an optimal level if you’re running on a copy-and-paste system right now. As with any business, performance equates to profitability, and over time, a less-than-ideal IT infrastructure will cost your business money. Let Chester Inc. inspect your IT needs and provide a comprehensive recommendation to upgrade and improve your IT infrastructure.

In the age of increasingly frightening cybersecurity threats, it’s essential for a business to think ahead of these threats and secure their data well before hackers and other cybercriminals find your website. Chester Inc. has worked extensively with non-for-profits, libraries, local government and municipalities, healthcare, legal, finance, education and higher education, and small and medium businesses.

Our IT services team always puts the client first, and we prefer long-term growth steps to quick-fix or short-term ones. We dive headlong into issues and problems and do not fear what we do not know. Therefore, we are also fast followers. Our IT team quickly studies and adapts to the changing IT landscape while going beyond the job description. Let Chester Inc. radically change how your business can utilize the latest trends in information technology – for the future.