Agriculture Systems

Agriculture Systems


Chester Ag Systems focuses on agriculture irrigation and grain handling solutions. We are Northern Indiana’s premier agriculture system for modern agriculture solutions.
Founders Orville Redenbacher and Charlie Bowman understood back in the 1950’s that technology and innovations led to a higher yield. Today Chester Ag Systems services over 1,500 irrigation systems and roughly the same grain drying and storage bins.
Our goal is to ensure that growers can save time, money, and stress by allowing our team to help with your agriculture system needs.



Agriculture Irrigation and Grain Handling Solutions


Valley Agriculture Irrigation


As a Valley® Irrigation reseller for center pivots and linear irrigation, Chester ensures that your irrigation equipment is best in the field. Chester Ag Systems delivers your business with the highest technology, and support standards.
The Valley 8000 series is the highest-performing, most reliable center pivot available anywhere, providing you with the greatest return on your investment. Our premier center pivot delivers a long, durable life. It’s a trusted irrigation system for fields large and small.
The Valley® 7000 series is reliable, long-lasting, and costs less. It is engineered and manufactured as a solution for less-demanding terrain; this series is second only to the industry-leading 8000 services.


  • Valley spans are independently field-tested to outperform other brands under all field conditions.
  • Standard, low, high, and ultra-high profiles are available.
  • Truss angle placement and lengths provide even loading on uneven terrain.
  • Exclusive Valley warranty – offered by Chester Inc.





  • Valley is the only center pivot company that produces its gearboxes.
  • Corrosion resistant: Hot-dip galvanized
  • Built to last: Four-leg drive unit with braces
  • Reduces downtime: Welded sprinkler coupler
  • Minimal repair: Forged truss rod heads
  • Cost-Effective Center Pivot Irrigation Solution


Brock Grain Storage Solutions 


We partner with Brock Grain Systems to provide all the necessary resources for complete grain handling, grain bin storage, and grain handling turn-key solution.
Brock’s grain bins offer the tallest eave heights in the industry and higher grain-holding capacities to help meet the storage challenges. EVEREST® Grain Bins are the gold standard of grain storage innovation
EVEREST Bin design features innovative roof structure and body changes while meeting or exceeding new grain industry standards.


  • Bin Diameters – 15 to 156 feet
  • Grain Capacity Range – 2,978 to 1,939,574 bushels
  • Eave Height Range – 19 to 107 feet
  • Allowable Roof Peak Load Capacity Range – 4,800 to 130,000 pounds


Brock Handling Systems


Save Energy Costs with the Superb Energy Miser® SQ Services Dryer
As fuel costs continue to soar, the Superb Energy Miser® SQ Services Dryer series line of grain dryers is more fuel efficient.


  • Cutting-edge drying technology
  • Versatility for drying management
  • Total dryer management with the proven INTUI-DRY® Controller
  • 250-1,900 bushels per hour
Brock’s easy-to-use INTUI-DRY® Dryer Controller automates grain drying to provide total dryer management for accuracy in controlling grain moisture during the drying process. Wet grain goes in, and dry grain comes out.


Contact Chester Ag Systems for more information. Know that every agricultural business we service will receive our absolute best, no matter how big or small!