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Chester Inc. Architectural & Construction Services, based in Valparaiso, Indiana, focuses on commercial and industrial construction. Our comprehensive services encompass a spectrum of needs from architectural design to the final build. At the heart of our success is our integrated design-build process, which consolidates various stages of construction under one contract. This approach not only streamlines the building process but also significantly reduces the complexity for the client.


Our offerings include architectural services, interior designs, general contracting, build-to-suit options, preliminary estimating, permitting, and approvals. Additionally, they provide financial services like feasibility studies and leasebacks, demonstrating our commitment to supporting clients through every construction phase.


The Chester Inc. approach is characterized by a team-oriented method where owners, commercial architects, sales, and project engineers collaborate closely. This collaboration leads to more cost-effective and efficient solutions. By involving the construction team early in the design phase, they can overlap design and construction, saving time and ensuring efficiency. This strategy results in a more cohesive construction experience with a single point of responsibility, reducing the need for multiple contracts with different entities.


Our portfolio, showcasing various projects, including commercial, industrial, professional, and medical facilities, reflects our versatility and commitment to quality. Our focus on adhering to schedules and financial plans has been a cornerstone of our philosophy for over 75 years. This commitment has earned them a reputation for delivering projects that meet and often exceed client expectations.


Chester Inc. stands out for its integrated, client-focused approach to architectural and construction services. Our ability to handle a project from inception to completion and a deep commitment to client satisfaction positions us as a leader in our field. Whether a commercial building or an industrial project, Chester Inc. has the expertise and experience to bring visions to reality on time and within budget.


Chester Inc. remains committed to a budget, time, and complete client satisfaction, as that is our formula for success.


New construction is an excellent option for businesses with unique needs and wishes to prepare for future expansion. Construction of new facilities is also less likely to be regulated than renovations and expansions. However, new construction might be lengthier considering everything a business owner needs to accomplish, from land acquisition to planning creation and, finally, the ground-up construction.

Depending on the level of building complexity, the procurement, design, and approval processes for new construction might consume as much time as the construction process itself.


Whether expanding existing space, renovating an off-site facility, or constructing a new structure, owners should take the time to examine what matters the most.


Business owners must evaluate money, location, timing, and other factors to identify the most effective manner of scaling and developing their businesses. Involving an effective industrial business construction company like Chester Inc. early in the process can help owners choose the most sensible approach. As an owner, you must maintain the pace of your expanding business while making the suitable options for your future.


Chester Inc. Architectural & Construction should be the choice for both architecture and construction needs. This strategic decision yields efficiency, cost savings, and high-quality results. Business owners gain peace of mind knowing our project rests with a single, competent architectural contractor committed to excellence in every project phase. The integrated approach simplifies project management, allowing business owners to focus on what they do best while Chester Inc. handles the rest.


Chester Inc Architectural & Construction Services philosophy is complete client satisfaction offering on-time and on-budget projects. Your commercial construction needs are met quickly and most efficiently. We also adhere to a clearly defined scope and total accountability.


Contact us today to learn how Chester Architectural and Construction Services can become your in-house architectural services and project management team for all your ground-up or renovative construction projects, turning your building dreams into reality!