Striving for the Summit on Grain Storage Innovation

Striving for the Summit on Grain Storage Innovation


Brock’s Grain Bins are monuments of innovation in the grain drying and storage sector, elevating grain storage to new heights and capacities. These bins boast the tallest eave heights available and accommodate the increasing challenges of grain yield trends with superior holding capabilities.


Opting for Brock’s grain drying solutions means choosing industry-leading quality. With a reputation forged worldwide since 1957, Brock emerges as the trusted leader for on-farm storage needs. Brock’s grain bin design innovations have enhanced strength and grain quality maintenance. Customer safety and convenience have also been front and center, setting industry standards that competitors have emulated.


Brock Grain Systems, the agricultural division of CTB, proudly boasts a comprehensive suite of grain management solutions. This includes an expansive range of grain storage options such as innovative bins and hopper tanks, efficient conditioning tools like fans and heaters, advanced dryers, and a complete set of grain handling essentials encompassing sweeps, conveyors, catwalks, and towers. The most significant product segment for Brock is grain storage, with conditioning and drying following close behind and grain handling rounding out the offerings.


Brock sets the bar high in grain storage with some of the largest bins in the market, peaking at 156 feet in diameter. Notably, these bins, part of the ‘M SERIESTM,’ don’t require center support, exemplifying the outstanding engineering and premium material quality that Brock brings to the table. The moniker’mega” or monster would not be out of place when describing the impressive scale of these bins.


The excellence of Brock’s M-SERIES commercial grain storage bins was recognized in March 2011 when they received the 2011 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The AE50 Award is a prestigious accolade celebrating the top technological innovations that have significantly impacted the industry in the preceding year.


This accolade is a testament to Brock’s commitment to innovation and service within the agricultural community. It acknowledges the unique design of Brock’s roof and walls—the freestanding roof being a marvel of engineering. Furthermore, the innovative double bin wall construction, with its smooth interior for more effortless grain flow and corrugated exterior for enhanced insulation, ensures that grain is kept in optimal condition.


Beyond storage, Brock also provides a variety of handling and drying systems, complemented by a full spectrum of accessories, including fans and mounting equipment. Their offerings range from compact farm dryers, such as the low-profile horizontal models that stand only 12 feet tall, to towering commercial dryers reaching heights between 120 and 130 feet.


Brock pioneered offering five-year warranties on grain bins starting in 1993, a practice other manufacturers have since adopted. This trend of setting industry standards is a double-edged sword, serving as a compliment and a motivator. It signifies Brock’s influence over the market while propelling them to constantly innovate to maintain their leadership position in the agricultural sector.


The Everest Bin design has evolved, featuring innovative changes in its roof structure, body sheets, stiffeners, anchoring systems, and accessories, all while aligning with or surpassing new industry standards for grain storage.


Specifications at a Glance:


Bin Diameters: 15 to 156 feet

Grain Capacity: 2,978 to 1,939,574 bushels

Eave Height: 19 to 107 feet

Roof Peak Load Capacity: 4,800 to 130,000 pounds

For over six decades, Brock has been the reliable choice for farmers needing quality grain storage. Technological advances and company expansion have led to a comprehensive suite of grain facility solutions for today’s needs. Farmers and commercial operators alike will find the familiar quality and integrity they have come to expect from Brock.


Product offerings include:


Grain Handling Systems

Drying and conditioning equipment

Structural supports and systems

The diameter-based roof options from Brock balance roof strength and price to meet diverse needs effectively.


Introducing Everest® Storage Bins for Commercial Use:


Commercial storage requires unmatched strength, safety, and dependability. Brock delivers all that and more with storage solutions tailored to commercial entities in flat bottom and hopper styles.


Brock’s EVEREST® Grain Bins are pioneering, with wave heights reaching up to 107 feet, providing approximately 14% more grain capacity.


Sidewall stiffeners from Brock rank among the market’s most robust, effectively countering the effects of weather, grain weight, cables, and roof-mounted equipment.


The Name Synonymous with Efficient Temporary Storage:


Brock’s LeMar® introduces a new standard in bunker storage, offering economical yet robust products for temporary storage. Clients can tailor their package with exclusive bunker wall frames, aeration fans, tarps, and sturdy pipes, ensuring quick returns and unmatched reliability.


Grain Transport Conveyors That Prioritize Safety:


Brock’s LEMAR® grain transport conveyors embody a safety-first design philosophy and high capacity to sustain peak performance. Models engineered for 15,000 and 25,000 bushels per hour emphasize one-person operation convenience and essential safety, delivering reliable support for comprehensive grain systems.


For over 75 years, farmers have counted on Chester Inc. Agricultural Systems for dependable, quality grain storage. Whether you’re a farmer interested in grain storage space or an industrial operator needing handling tools, you’ll find the high quality you expect and deserve.


Today, Chester Ag Systems has over 1,500 irrigations, grain drying, and storage systems installed and serviced throughout the Midwest.  Contact Chester Ag Systems for more information. Know that every agricultural business we service will receive our absolute best, no matter how big or small!