Chester Inc. and Ratner Steel Work To Add Jobs To The Region With Their Latest Project

Beginning in October 2016, Chester, Inc Architectural & Construction has been designing and constructing a new addition at Ratner Steel in Portage to expand their Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor location. The additional space constructed by Chester Inc. is built for the purpose of improving logistics efficiency. The large addition is expected to be completed in March 2017.

Ratner Steel is a Minnesota based company and employs more the 50 employees in Portage. The new addition is expected to create up to 37 more jobs locally following its March 2017 opening. This location is an addition to a site that was designed and built by Chester Inc. in 2012.

“It’s great returning to previous projects and expanding them into a larger structure to increase company presence and productivity. It’s something we’ve seen a lot at Chester Inc. We love to see these businesses grow and continue our partnership,” said Rich Shields, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Chester Inc.

The addition will result in 100,000 square feet for Ratner Steel to use as well as an additional 5,000 square feet of office space. The addition is designed for the purpose of assisting and increasing Ratner’s steel processing production. This is Ratner’s only location in the Northwest Indiana area.

“We’ve been working with Ratner Steel since 2011. They’ve been fantastic partners. We’re both looking forward to the impact this project will have on the community for years to come. said Shields.”

Shields went on to comment that job creation is the wishful goal of every project undertaken at Chester Inc.

“The economic development component is very important to us when designing and contracting new buildings and additions. Job retention and expansion is a huge economic driver for the community and are thankful Ratner Steel is able to afford additional employee hiring because of this addition to their current facility. “

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