Chester Inc.’s design/build approach creates a one-stop shop for architectural, design, and construction needs

Featured image: Burke’s Outdoor Equipment on US 30 Valparaiso is just one example of a current design/build the Chester Inc. Team is currently building today.

Business owners often spend years dreaming of their perfect building. Retailers, healthcare professionals, churches, law firms – all of them have unique needs and desired looks. To try and make those dreams into a reality the traditional way, some businesses turn to construction firms who rely on networks of other firms – coordinating between different companies and individuals for architecture, engineering, and building. It can be a complicated process with delays or even some of the business owner’s vision getting lost along the way.

Others turn to Chester Inc. who offers architectural, construction, and financing services in-house, making it a one-stop shop for turning those longtime fantasies into reality. Chester takes a simple approach where business owners have one contract, one point of responsibility, and one point of contact – Chester Inc. itself.

“We help those dreams come to fruition,” said Adam Peuquet, executive vice president (VP) at Chester Inc. “Everybody from beginning to end is in-house.”

Architects, project managers, sales staff, interior designers, site engineers – that is four or five different agencies all brought together under one roof. It makes for a streamlined process, where the owner is able to stay connected to the project at all times.

“There’s less delays and indecisiveness,” Peuquet said. “If a client wants to change the color of the floor, they just call us and it’s changed the same day they ask, not two weeks later. Everything being in-house is just such a huge plus for keeping everything on schedule and making smooth changes whenever challenges arise in the field.”

Design/build is about teamwork, Peuquet noted, not just within Chester Inc., but between Chester Inc. and the owner. One provides the vision and initial direction, while the other provides the expertise to get the build complete.

“There are so many factors that come into play, and our clients don’t work in this field every day,” he said. “A doctor’s a doctor – they’re really good at diagnosing patient’s and they know what they need in order to be successful, but they don’t do design/build every day.”

Peuquet pointed to Chester’s high rate of returning clients to showcase how much clients appreciate the design/build philosophy.

“90% of our clients return for a second building,” Peuquet said. “We’ve been around for 75-plus years, so a lot of our business comes from word of mouth. Our name goes a long way; it’s as important as what we do every day.”

Business owners who have experienced this method of construction are often the most satisfied.

“They tell me it’s the best experience they’ve ever had,” Peuquet said. “They love being able to just stop in or make a phone call and ask for whatever they need without having to wait two or three weeks to get an answer.”

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