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Commercial Architectural and Construction Services Under One Roof 


Commercial Design-build construction, also known as the master builder approach, has a rich history, with iconic structures like the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pentagon built using this approach. Today, the design-build model is gaining popularity in commercial construction for its efficiency and integrated approach. Choosing a design-build contractor means having both architectural and construction services under one roof.


In the past, the concept of a design-build contractor was relatively new in commercial construction. However, more than ever, companies are adopting the design-build model to streamline project delivery. Design-build construction is like having a master builder leading a collaborative team. It’s becoming more popular, but not all companies claiming to have design-build teams truly follow this approach.


Moreover, not all business owners understand the benefits of working with one company offering architectural and construction services. Here’s an important statistic: The total growth of design-build construction spending is expected to be 22.5% from 2022 to 2026. It’s easy to understand why when you look at the benefits design-build delivers, we’ve explained in detail below.


Benefits of providing architectural and construction services under one roof 

By working with a company that has consolidated these services, you can expect more efficient project delivery and better results for your future commercial buildings. By showing these benefits, you will better understand the real meaning behind design-build constructions.


A single point of responsibility

One significant advantage is the smooth teamwork that combines design and construction processes. This integrated approach adds substantial value for our customers, because the designer-builder is fully responsible for delivering on all aspects of a project, including finding any issues, pinpointing the underlying causes, and, most importantly, correcting them.


They are also responsible for managing all contracts with other companies (subcontractors, equipment vendors, material providers, etc.), relieving the owner’s responsibility, especially regarding commercial construction. So, it simplifies things for owners by providing a single contract and a single point of responsibility. You have one go-to team overseeing the entire project, making the process more straightforward and efficient.


Lower costs

When you hire different people for designing and building, budgets can be tricky. They might not be crystal clear because there can be a gap between thinking up the design and making it happen.


The consequence is that when faced with construction challenges, material shortages, or other obstacles, returning to the architect becomes necessary, incurring additional expenses before construction can proceed. A survey indicates that 83% of those involved in construction find that the design-build approach more efficiently tackles supply chain issues than other project delivery methods.


Streamlines the entire process.

Working with a company that offers both architectural and construction services means minimizing the necessity of engaging in numerous contracts with architects, engineers, contractors, and construction managers. Opting for a design-build approach streamlines the process by consolidating various responsibilities under a single contract.


Now, you don’t have to juggle multiple agreements with different professionals; instead, you can coordinate all aspects of the project through a unified contract with a design-build team. It also eliminates the additional bid phases to choose a general contractor, simplifying administrative processes and fostering a more cohesive workflow.


Dual-track approach

Moreover, the Chester, Inc. Architectural and Construction Services team (us) proactively prepares your job site while advancing the design process. So, our team ensures that your project site is ready for construction activities while the design work is still in progress.


This proactive strategy minimizes the likelihood of significant modifications to the initial project idea. Why? Potential discrepancies or necessary adjustments can be identified and addressed early as the design process advances alongside site preparation.


There are critical benefits, as modifications during the construction phase can be resource-intensive and may lead to delays. The dual-track approach, therefore, functions as a preventive measure, aligning all stakeholders with a shared understanding of the project’s requirements and specifications.


A dual-track approach ensures a smooth transition from planning to construction, optimizing efficiency throughout the project. Working with a company offering architectural and construction services under one roof ensures everyone fully comprehends the project requirements. So, when you go with such services, there’s less need to make significant changes to the initial idea, everyone understands each other better, and there’s no pointing fingers when things go wrong.


According to a study, managers overseeing design-build projects estimated that this type of project delivery approach typically shortened the overall project duration by an average of 14%. Additionally, they reported a reduction of 3% in the total project costs while maintaining an equivalent level of quality compared to design-bid-build projects. As per a report, design-build construction proves to be significantly more efficient than the traditional design-bid-build (DBB) approach.


It is reported to be 102% faster than DBB and 61% faster than Construction Manager at Risk (CMR). Moreover, it shows a 3.8% reduction in cost growth (another report that mentions the cost), equivalent to a substantial $1.7 trillion saving compared to the traditional design-bid-build method.


This data highlights that opting for design-build construction accelerates project timelines significantly and results in considerable cost savings compared to traditional construction methods., which highlights the practical advantages of choosing the design-build approach. Thus, based on feedback from project managers, choosing design-build tends to make projects more efficient, saving time and money without compromising on the quality of the result.


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To conclude, these are the main benefits of working with a company that provides both architectural and construction services under one roof. When a genuine and experienced design-build team handles a project, you can expect a smooth and collaborative process.


From the start, all team members share a common vision, leading to fewer changes, better communication, and a project without finger-pointing. This approach results in a more satisfying experience for owners. For over 75 years, our commitment at Chester, Inc. Architectural & Construction Services has remained unchanged: delivering complete client satisfaction on time and within budget.  We’ve been northern Indiana’s go-to commercial architectural and construction company. What sets us apart is our design-build-finance model and going the extra mile compared to other construction companies.


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