Commercial Construction Portfolio

Commercial Construction Portfolio


Northern Indiana’s business sector and Chester Architectural & Construction continue to grow after all these years. Below, we review and have links to our Commercial Construction projects.


Factories, warehouses, and specialized facilities are engineered to streamline operations, ensuring that the wheels of industry turn smoothly and efficiently.


An office is more than a place of work; it’s a cradle of innovation and well-being. That’s why we pour our expertise into devising workspaces that look good and feel good, enhancing collaboration and lifting spirits with thoughtful designs and uplifting environments.


Healthcare construction is a mission for us, not just a project. Crafting hospitals and clinics that cater to the delicate balance of patient care and state-of-the-art medical technology is a responsibility we undertake with precision and passion.


Orthodontic offices are designed to shape retail environments that transform shopping into an experience, with patient comfort at the forefront. We’re building legacies, one brick at a time.


Legal offices, shopping centers, and wedding venues also grace our portfolio, each with elegance, functionality, and adaptability narrative. And when it comes to the finer things, like restaurants, breweries, and eye care clinics, we blend innovation with experience to deliver spaces that delight and serve.


Animal care is close to our hearts. Veterinary clinics, hospitals, and centers are designed with a compassionate touch to ensure the comfort of our four-legged friends and efficiency for those who care for them. Drawing on insights from a vast portfolio of completed structures, we guide veterinarians during construction, ensuring timely and budget-conscious project completion.


A smile is universal, as is the allure of a well-designed dental practice. We build these spaces with an eye for detail, ensuring patient comfort and integrating the latest dental innovations.


Each construction tells a story of purpose and potential, from vast warehouses to nurturing educational facilities. Our expertise in service design stretches to the intricacies of climate control systems, ensuring comfort is a standard, not a luxury.


Industrial design is the art of functionality. Whether it’s a pharmacy, an apartment complex, or a steelwork powerhouse, we ensure each structure stands as a testament to efficiency and accessibility.


Our canvas is as broad as it is detailed, covering the expanse of public amenities and religious sanctuaries, each with unique demands and communal significance.


Philanthropy is built into our foundations, with projects that echo the altruism of non-profit missions through practical and cost-effective designs.


Our multi-story offices rise as landmarks of innovation, each floor echoing the unique character of the businesses within.


Chester Inc. does more than build. We create environments that foster growth, community, and prosperity. Whether it’s a cozy neighborhood or an industrial giant, we lay the groundwork for a future where every structure is a pillar of its purpose.


Chester, Inc. specializes in commercial design and construction. Our expertise encompasses everything from initial consultations and thorough site assessments to your project’s complete design and construction management. With our distinguished history spanning over 75 years, we have built a reputation for excellence in delivering high-quality commercial design and building services.


Reach out to us to turn your building aspirations into reality.