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The George F. Chester & Son Seed Company was established by George and Marie Chester and their son, Jack, as an extension of their large farm operation located in Morgan Township located in Porter County, Indiana.


Charles Bowman and Orville Redenbacher purchased and incorporated the George F. Chester & Son Seed Company of Boone Grove, Indiana.


The roots of the Agricultural Systems division go back to 1952. A few years later, the company began selling small irrigation systems and expanded the grain bin line to include grain dryers and complete grain handling systems.


The Architectural & Construction Services division’s beginnings date back to 1969 when Chester became a Bonanza Uni-Frame Builder, primarily serving the farm market.


Valley center-pivot irrigation systems are added. Today the division is located in North Judson, IN, and remains focused on irrigation systems and grain-handling solutions.


In 1979, Valparaiso Indiana holds it’s first annual Popcorn Festival.

“I’m really happy that Valparaiso now has its own popcorn festival because my popcorn career started right here in Indiana.”

-Orville Redenbacher.


The origins of the Chester, Inc. Information Technologies division go back to 1981 when the Agricultural Systems division obtained a franchise to sell IBM computers to the farm market.


In 1987 an architectural staff was added and the company embarked upon design/build/finance approach to construction.


Chester Inc. sells the assets of the Chester John Deere store to A&M Farm Equipment of Valparaiso.


Information Technologies Division celebrates 35 Years of Business making us one of the longest standing IT companies in Indiana.


Today Chester, Inc. has three primary divisions: Chester Inc. Ag Systems, Chester Inc. Architectural & Construction Services and Chester, Inc. Information Technologies.

Pete Peuquet purchased Chester Inc and today the organization is a family-owned and privately held corporation.